Percussion Footwear

It is Percussion's aim to give their customers the best value for money on the market. They are highly attentive to every detail and all their articles are subject to strict manufacturing requirements using suitable materials that have been checked in the laboratories of the French Textile and Clothing Institute. 


Percussion Sologne Neoprene Boots therefore typify their approach to product design. 

Waterproof, natural rubber wellingtons with a 4mm neoprene lining, these are practical, affordable and stylish wellington boots that keep you comfortable and dry. 

Gusset and adjustable side strap, non-slip rubber sole with a deep wide tread, anti-torsion steel reinforcement and high quality cushioning. 

Excellent quality with all the features of a far more expensive boot.


The Percussion Rambouillet Full-Zip Hunting Boots are practical, comfortable and great value for money. They have been manufactured using 100% natural rubber and designed with a full length zip, including a full height gusset so that you are able to put them on and pull them off easily. 

  These boots feature 4mm of insulating neoprene lining, a removable insole, and a non-slip rubber sole with deep, wide treads, which make them ideal for tough terrain, even in colder conditions.

The Percussion boots also feature anti-twisting steel reinforcement and high quality cushioning to ensure durability and comfort all day long.

Percussion test all their garments in real-life situations to guarantee practicality, comfort and durability to consumers.

Percussion, Jack Pyke & Game Country Clothing

We have a variety of items in stock and can get things from the catalogue within a few days. Perfect clothing for life in the country.

The Spoon Lady

Fashion from Vintage is a clothing range ​for women.
That’s as simple as it gets.

Cat makes clothing for women regardless of ​size and shape: Flowing, layered, beautiful, and vibrant fabric, for beautiful, vibrant women.